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The Truth Behind Heroes Of Cosplay: New Orleans


The Truth Behind Heroes Of Cosplay: New Orleans


Heroes of Cosplay is a popular tv series on SyFy that showcases certain cosplayers at conventions across the US. But what you might not know about it is how this show treats the people at conventions… the ones that aren’t the “elite” few, the cosplayers and convention goers behind the camera. I never had to deal with them until they came into my town - New Orleans. I thought it would be a great opportunity to see this show in person but my opinion quickly changed.

The way they treated my fellow cosplaying friends and the way they took over our beloved costume contest was completely inexcusable. There were a few mishaps on the convention floor but a majority of the issues came around the time of the Costume Contest. This was my third time attending Wizard World New Orleans and usually the costume contest is done in 1-2 hours. This one took over 2 hours just to get through the individual category. It was clearly being staged because only certain cosplayers were being allowed to talk about their costumes on stage, everyone else was rushed off. I didn’t realize it at the time but the ones they stopped to chat about were mostly Heroes of Cosplay participants. They didn’t care one bit about anyone else. It became really painful to watch/participate when I saw beautiful and elaborate costumes getting rushed off because they weren’t one of the “elite few” from the show.

After the contest was over, my friends and I went on to enjoy the rest of the convention as much as possible. Some of us completely shut out the competition because it was the black mark of the whole show. I began gathering stories from my friends and fellow Wizard World convention goers. Then other people began approaching me with their account of what happened. Here are our collected thoughts:

Encounters on the Convention Floor:


1 -

This happened Saturday around 2:30pm the Cosplay Circuit Digital Hall Awards photobooth, where they take your photograph and post it on the Wizard World site. Jesse Lagers tried to cut in line in front of me. The obnoxious camera crew’s goal was to cut the “Costume Contest Winner” into the line. I was sandwiched right between him and the AVP guys. The costume contest didn’t happen until later that night. They decided the winners for the contest before the show even started.

2 -

I just want to chime in for a second here… I have always loved Yaya, she was always nice to me over the last 3 years and I really admired her up until WW New Orleans. Now I’m a photographer at alot of Cons and I’ve worked for Wizard World for years. This year I wasn’t working for them because I was working exclusively for a very well known website. When I passed by her just in walking around the con floor she pretty much stopped me and was like Oh you ARE going to take my picture now. I was crazy

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Once upon a time, a dryer squeaked and squealed… it sounded like a harpy shrieking really.

I opened it, took it apart, checked over the parts and figured it was a drum roller; one spun freely, the other was REALLY stiff. I noticed the belt was cracked too.

So I bought drum rollers and a belt. I put them in last night, fired up the dryer… it was quiet! Yay the harpy was gone!

Until the whole freaking roost of harpies showed up. >_<

So I checked things, poked and prodded, got afraid I’d need to replace a guide shaft for one of the drum rollers (which is only slightly more work really)… but figured out it was the idler pulley.

You can’t grease an idler pulley… there’s just no room. ._.

OK fine, I’ll use the dryer for the two loads I absolutely have to, then I’ll pick up a new idler pulley tomorrow. It can’t be that bad, right?

So while one load is drying, the harpies are happily shrieking away… but we’re watching Agents of Shield up stairs so it’s not THAT bad.

(Yes, it is…)

I come downstairs at one point, find my load of whites is not really dry, and I cry. T_T I cry because I know the harpies will shriek in delight that I must suffer more.

Finally the whites are dry and I take them out, set them aside and put the jeans into the dryer… because you see, I need jeans to wear.

Then I cringe. Another tear escapes my eye, and I can feel the harpies staring at me.

"Here we go…" I push the button to start the dryer.

The harpies shriek with delight as I’m absolutely miserable. My ears begin to bleed.


I rip the door open and the harpies stop in mid-shriek; they stare at me, worried for what I might do next.

I tear off the bottom panel with delight. “I’ll show you. I’ll show you all!”

I remove the belt… as gently as I can considering the rage I feel at the harpies. After all, it’s done nothing to harm me. It’s still an infant, it deserves a chance to prove itself still.

I take out the idler pulley and I stare at it. I ponder and stare more; all while the harpies stare at me. I think I even hear one whisper “What does he think, he can just stare us into submission?”

I shoot the harpy the most evil grin I can muster. To my surprise, she cowers; the others in the roost are too far away really, but I notice them flinch nonetheless.


I take the idler pulley to a table. I gather my tools, such few as they are, and I begin to search. “Pliers might help here, but what else? There MUST be a way to pry this open enough to put grease on here. I can’t let the harpies win!”

I find a crescent wrench in my toolbox… could this work? Could it, along with the pliers hold on enough so I could force the idler pulley apart enough to get grease on there?!

I contain my excitement… it’s best that the harpies can’t see me now, but I hear their concern.

"What is he doing?"

"Do you think he’ll find a way?"

"Will we have to leave?"

I grin… You damn right you’ll have to leave!

I begin to work, slowly prying apart the arms holding the pulley. It’s a strong metal, but still (barely) flexible.

After what seems like days, maybe even weeks, my patience pays off - the pulley is free! Free enough that I can put grease on the shaft.

I apply way more grease than anyone should ever apply to anything. But if this is going to work, I don’t want to have to pry this apart again, especially since this is only going to be a temporary fix.

One I’m done, I slowly bend things back to place. I’m ever so grateful that the arms want to hold the pulley; I’m afraid they were even mad for a while that I tried to take it away from them. I really hadn’t considered how they’d feel about this; they must not have understood this was only temporary. Thankfully they seem to forgive me.

I put the idler pulley back in the dryer and route the belt so it runs on the pulley, around the motor. I don’t bother to close the dryer panel though; it’s not really in the way, and certainly won’t silence the harpies if this fails.

I look at the harpies and grin; I see the fear in their eyes, fear that they must find a new home.

I slowly reach for the button and press it… SILENCE! Sweet, beautiful silence!

And one by one, the harpies vanish leaving me to do the laundry in peace.

The sound a dryer makes while it tumbles clothes is absolutely beautiful. ^_^


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Thoughts after opening my &#8230; toaster pastries:
One of these things is not like the other&#8230;
I want my money back!
I wonder if anyone lost their job over this?
I feel like I&#8217;ve been cheated somehow.
Oh well&#8230; still put some kind of &#8220;food&#8221; in my belly. \(^-^)/

Thoughts after opening my … toaster pastries:

  • One of these things is not like the other…
  • I want my money back!
  • I wonder if anyone lost their job over this?
  • I feel like I’ve been cheated somehow.

Oh well… still put some kind of “food” in my belly. \(^-^)/

I’m no chef…

But holy CRAP. I made myself an omelet this morning (oh noes, my wife wasn’t here!). I used 3 eggs, mixed the yolks and whites together, put a bit of sriracha, a dash of sea salt and a dash of pepper (crushed? I had to grind it).

GOOD GOD IN HEAVEN putting sriracha *IN* the eggs is the BEST THING I’VE EVER DONE when cooking. \(^-^)/

Free for the next 48… O.K. more like 47 hours now. Pick it up, check it out, if you don’t like it you didn’t spend anything for it but a little time.

More likely, you at least get another perspective on things. Who knows, maybe you’ll even reconsider what you think about education.